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We are Patrick and Tabea Riziki,
We are an international couple of doctors

Jeremie Project Congo: Patrick and Tabea

We got married in September 2018 and have a daughter. Our common history began almost at the same time as the JeremieProjectCongo - because it has always been on both of our hearts to work our profession - our calling - for the poorest of the poor. Linked to our Christian faith and missionary commitment, we work in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to enable education - to give hope - to build the future.

Enable education - To give hope - To build the future.

Patrick Riziki

Patrick is Congolese and grew up in poor conditions. His family has always attached great importance to the (school) education of the children. Their Christian faith has welded them together so that everyone supports everyone in achieving the goal of the training. So Patrick got the chance for a school education and to study medicine. He then put part of his salary into the schooling of his siblings. He has 5 siblings and hard-working parents who have fostered their own children on several occasions. Patrick is a staunch Christian and wants to help holistically:

The body with its medical knowledge, the mind by working as a teacher at the university, and the soul by passing on hope in Jesus to people.

In order to be able to teach as a university lecturer, he needs a PhD in addition to his doctorate and master's degree in infectious diseases. He will write this research paper in Bonn from October 2020.

Tabea Riziki (geb. Kasielke)

Tabea is German and grew up in a German “extended family” with 3 siblings. Her parents gave her access to Christian missionary societies at a very early age, studied medicine in Germany and was practicing missionary and medical practice in over 50 countries around the world. Even as a teenager, she wanted to work as a doctor in a developing country.

And so our common path is a realization of our dreams.

We currently live in Germany, are responsible for the JeremieProjectCongo, give lectures and are busy with fundraising. Now Patrick will start his research, which will take a lot of his time. Tabea is a full-time mom and spends every free minute in to-dos that are essential for the project. The work in the Congo is managed by an association: Jenga Tumaini (Building Hope).

We don't work alone in Germany or in the Congo. We have teams consisting of social, humanitarian and missionary workers who support each other and report back. 

We are pleased that we are currently well taken care of in Germany and that we have found a nice and simple apartment. Nevertheless, we cannot make a living from the project and the research.

Therefore, under the heading Donations, there is also an opportunity to support us as a family.

The donation runs - like all others - via the contact mission and can then be assigned to us via the purpose. We can then fly to the Congo with these donations to further advance our work in the project and to work there as missionaries in the future.

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